Puzzle Skills

Following list shows the skills that can be developed while using puzzles even though your little ones can't achieve the whole list from one puzzle,

enables your child to express themselves artistically 

Discover The World
Inspires your child to explore and enjoy the world around them. 

Hand To Eye Co-ordination
Helps your child to develop good reflexes. 

Encourages your child to enjoy using their imagination. 

Boost Confidence
Helps your child feel secure and happy, and enjoy good self-esteem. 

Learning To Read
Helps your child start to read for themselves. 

Learning To Write
Helps your child to begin writing. 

Physical Development
Helps your child develop coordination, balance and strength. 

Problem Solving
Teaches your child to work things out for themselves. 

Social Interaction Skills
Helps your child learn how to make friends and enjoy company. 

Stimulates Senses
Encourages your child to enjoy using their SENSES

Thinking Skills
Encourages your child to think before a particular action is taken.