Kiddi Puzzle Ideas

Don’t worry about the cost of developing a puzzle whether it’s for kids’ enjoyment or for any purpose.

We, at, are committed to giving our customers something extra whenever they deserve it. So, if you do have a puzzle idea and would you like to submit it to us for development or distribution? You can get in touch with us and send your puzzle ideas via 

Things are easier

All you need to do is to draft your idea and email We will do our own assessment and come back to you within 10 working days.

This will include production cost as well in case you need us to produce them. Please be aware that we have registered outsourcing partners in China, Sri Lanka and India so that you can expect the best price in terms of its unit cost. If you are happy, we will be able to work together. If you are not happy about the outcome, you can always amend your idea and communicate. 

How to market your product

Once agreed and finalized, we will market your puzzle product on and all other associated partners.